Architectural Designs since 1970
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Innovating Building Design

Architectural Designs offers building design concepts for residential and commercial
facilities up to four stories high.

By approaching each project with our clients needs and desires in mind we provide
custom designs tailored to fit your dreams and budget. We have been offering custom    
architecture to our clients since 1976 and owe our success to the satisfaction of our
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Architectural Designs by SCI Designs Inc
Beyond the design
A pretty picture is as they say "worth a thousand words", however pleasing the
building model appears, it must be able to function and be buildable. Achieving
a successful building includes professional planning of the layout and
consideration to energy cost. By using the latest inovative CAD software, we
provide accurate structural design and planning in 3D. This not only results in
accuracy, but allows our clients to visualize the entire plan before committing to
actual construction.

Architectural Designs is a full service design company with years of experience.
We provide a complete code compliant design package from the initial design
concept to full construction ready plans. Consultation is free. We love what we
Servicing our clients
with pride since 1976
Architectural Designs
By SCI Designs, Inc.